Pure Organic Ashwagandha root powder

Three different ways to consume Ashwagandha

Expiry date exposed

Authentic, unadulterated, organic Ashwagandha does have an expiration date. Please verify the expiry date when purchasing any Ashwagandha product, as some cheaper variants in the market may have shorter shelf lives. Our expiry date is clearly printed on the label. This is batch number RA490123; Exp Jan 31, 2026

In a food-grade glass jar

To prevent plastic contamination, this product is packaged in a food-grade glass jar, following the Canadian health guidelines. This Ashwagandha is in its purest form and therefore it is strong. Small dosage is enough per day. Recommendation is 1/4 tsp per day. This bottle contains 100 grams of Ashwagandha, providing approximately 160 servings.

In a powder form

Produced by grinding the dried Ashwagandha root. We believe tablets, capsules and pills contain coating, binding agents, preservatives, additives or fillers that can cause digestive issues, reduced absorption rate, allergic reactions and degraded potency of the Ashwagandha. We recommend taking Ashwagandha root powder instead of Ashwagandha tablets, pills or capsules.


Certificates of agriculture and manufacturing practices are as follows: Food purity, Certificate Of Analysis : Batch No RA490123 Exp Jan 31 2026, ISO certificate number : FSMS-MMXXI-4-8829, Certificate of good manufacturing practice : GMP-MMXXI-4-8830, USDA organic certification by Control Union : CU 889487NOP-01.2023


We support

We actively contribute to the prosperity of our organic farmers in India, fostering their economic well-being and empowerment.

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Pure organic Ashwagandha root powder 100g

Pure organic Ashwagandha root powder 100g

Stress Reduction, Boosts Immune Function, Enhanced Energy and Vitality, Cognitive Support, Libido and Sexual Health, Hormonal Balance and is beneficial for fitness trainers. Ashwagandha aids in enhancing iron absorption, elevating body iron levels.

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